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Wrath of Man (2021)

Wrath of Man (2021)

A one man army.Apr. 22, 2021United Kingdom119 Min.R
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Wrath of Man is a 2021 thriller and thriller directed by Guy Ritchie based on a script co-written by Ivan Atkinson and Marne Davis and based on the 2004 French film Cash Truck directed by Nicolas Boucherf. This is Ritchie’s fourth directorial collaboration with Jason Statham and his first collaboration since Revolver (2005). Statham plays H, the driver of a new truck in Los Angeles, whose neutralization allows him to develop his skills with a gun and question his mysterious past. The film also stars Holt McCullany, Jeffrey Dunant, Chris Riley, Josh Hartnett, Laz Alonso, Ra ول l Castillo, Diopia Obari, Eddie Marsan and Scott Eastwood.
Wrath of Man was released in multiple countries on April 22, 2021 and in the US on May 7th. Grossing $ 104 million worldwide, the film received rave reviews from critics who praised Ritchie’s directorial and action sequences but criticized the dialogue and rhythm.

Movie Plot

Dark soul

An armored truck was stolen by armed men disguised as construction workers. Two guards and a civilian bystander were killed in the attack. Five months after the robbery, a mysterious man named Patrick Hill (Statham) asks for security in Fortiko. In an interview, the future boss (Marsan) praised his orders and warned him about fatal theft. Hill then introduces Hayden (McCallaney), a business coach named “Bullet,” who calls him “H” and oversees his training and exams. Hill passes the audits, meets the minimum requirements, and gets off to a tough start with his new teammates, including “Sweet Boy” (Hartent) and Dana Curtis, the only security guard. On their first official day, Hill, Boy Sweat, and Bullet are ready to drive the truck. As he drives to the pickup, Booy tells Sweat Hill more about the theft and suggests he drive, but he was sick that day.
After the truck, armed men took a bullet hostage. Radio Dave and Hill thieves want $ 2 million off their truck. Boy Sweat panics, tries to remember the protocol in this situation and finally decides to go without a shot. Hill convinces him to obey and save the bullet. Hill gets out of the truck and quickly gets rid of the armed men with shooting experience, which scares Boy Sweat and Bullet. Police detectives asked Hill after the robbery why his shooting deviated from his educational level, which he believed was due to his high attitude. Detectives ask him to check security images of the robbery to see if he believes the two crimes are related. Hill says there is no contact and he will be released. Terry tries to give Hill a month of homework when he has PTSD. However, the Fortico CEO personally thanks Hill and calls on Terry to work on it and be promoted. Police investigators later identified Hill as his boss, an FBI agent (Garcia) whom the agency had been looking for for 25 years. The king tells them to let go of Hill and “let the painter paint”. A colleague then visited Hill in his hotel room and gave him Fortico personnel files, photos of Dana Curtis’ family, and an autopsy report. The truck was attacked again at the next pickup with only Hill and Bullet. The thieves filled the armored truck with tear gas and forced Hill to get out of the car. When the thieves see the face of the hills, they quickly retreat. Terry doesn’t believe his story and thinks he’s a psychopath, but Fortico CEO again praised Hill. Hill, who is now a moving hero, sleeps with Dana and then takes him in his arms to ask about the $ 125,000 he can find. He claims to have stolen money from a retirement business once. Hill saves John, but when he realizes he’s declining other information, he faces further consequences.
Burned earth

On the day of the robbery, Hill is out with his son Dougie when he reluctantly agrees to a business meeting and asks him to help rebuild the armored truck road. Hill stops at a grocery truck on the bridge in front of the Fortico warehouse and looks at the gate while Dougie stays in the car. Hill and his colleague confirm that the armored truck drove out of the gate. As the armored truck drives under the bridge, it is attacked by people disguised as construction workers. One of the thieves orders Doggie to get out of his car and tells her to lie down on the floor. Hill watches one of the thieves shoot and kill Dodge. Hill was shot several times while trying to escape Dodge, but survived. Before he passes out, Hill sees the face of a rifleman. Hill woke up in the hospital three weeks later to find out that his sons had died. Hill’s wife claims the death of her sons is his fault and leaves him.
Hill meets with FBI agent King and asks him for information. King has a list of possible suspects that the FBI is investigating and is unsure who did the robbery. He tells King Hill that he can do what he loves but since he can only close his eyes for a long time. Hill is then revealed as Mason Hargreaves, the master of crime. His accomplices Mike, Brendan and Moggi are armed men who escaped the second attack after seeing Hill’s face. Hargreaves searches for information to find those responsible for Dodge’s murder. His men kill almost everyone on King’s list, but they never get any information about the robbery. Mike says the crime was an internal matter. Hargreaves told Mike to return to London to get his head back. Instead, he arranges a local call, Christie, to give him a fake Patrick Hill identity to begin his solo mission to infiltrate Fortico Security.
Bad animals, bad

Just before the robbery, a group of disgruntled soldiers consists of Carlos, Sam, Brad, Tom, Jean and their former captain Jackson (Danwan). NS

Wrath of Man (2021)
Wrath of Man (2021)
Wrath of Man (2021)
Wrath of Man (2021)
Wrath of Man (2021)
Wrath of Man (2021)
Wrath of Man (2021)
Wrath of Man (2021)
Original title Wrath of Man
IMDb Rating 7.2 108,747 votes
TMDb Rating 7.8 2,217 votes

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