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Vaazhl (2021)

Vaazhl (2021)

Jul. 16, 2021India119 Min.N/A
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Vaazhl is a 2021 Tamil Indian drama film directed by Aaron Prabhu Puroshutaman and produced by Sivakarthikeyan under the flag of Sivakarthikeyan Productions. The film plays new actors and actors, including Pridep Anthony, TJ Baano, Diva Davan, Ahraw and Sunbath. Soundtrack by Pradip Kumar, filming by Shelley Callist and editing by Raymond Derek Crasta.
This project was originally designed by R.D. Raja is from 24AM Studio and was released in May 2018. But Arun Prabhu was sent on a trip to check the location, which delayed the main admission process. In addition, Raja left the project for financial reasons and the film production rights were acquired by Sivakartkian in June 2019. Filming began in mid-January 2019 and ended within 75 days in July. The film was shot in 100 unknown locations in India, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Vaazhl was released by SonyLIV Streaming Service on July 16, 2021 because a previously planned cinema screening was canceled due to the closure of the COVID-19 cinema. The film received positive reviews from critics for its acting, storytelling, directing, music, and filming, but criticized the lack of depth and slowness of the story in the second half.

Movie Plot

Prakash is an IT programmer who lives with his parents and younger sister. Her everyday life is boring and monotonous, her career is chaotic and her love life is not exciting. Prakash’s other sister, who lives abroad, is pregnant and is visiting her parents to help with the delivery.
At the funeral of one of his relatives, Prakash meets Yathramma (who was only known as Yatra’s mother during the film) and is fascinated by her beauty at first sight. In desperation, he finds that he is older than him, married and has a son named Jetra. Jetra suffers from ADHD and is hyperactive and destructive, but Yetra protects her strongly, even from her husband. When Itra gets angry one night, her father gets angry and threatens her to sleep in her room. He tries to stop her, but she also gets mad at him. This controversy occurs when Yathrameh beats her husband with a piece of wood and accidentally kills him. I panicked, hid his body in the refrigerator, took some money and went to his car with Jetra. Under the pretext of borrowing money, he ends up at Prakash’s door and asks Prakash to take care of Ytra for a few hours. I found Prakash patient despite his destructive behavior. Iterma asks Prakash to take her to Nagerquil to return the borrowed money to his friend. Prakash can’t resist his innocent charm and agrees. When traveling, Jaharma insists that Prakash travel longer distances and travel from city to city. Eventually Prakash becomes suspicious of Jorma’s intentions and asks him the real reason. But he uses his diabolical magic to close his questions again. Then they get closer and fall in love. However, Yathrameh commits suicide the next day, but is rescued by the city’s residents. When Prakash asks her questions this time, Eutra becomes honest about her husband’s murder and tells him that she feels that she can leave Eutra in Prakash’s care and die now that they are so close. This scares Prakash and wants to get rid of him, but he threatens her indirectly, using the phrase he taught Jetra to tell them all about. When asked, he yells that Prakash and Wetterma had sex. Afraid of his mind, Prakash stops the car for water. Yatra walks with him, leaving Yathrama behind when a truck pulls up the car and pulls Yatra into place.
Prakash is afraid of the dire turn of events and has no choice but to take Yashra with him. When the police arrested her, Yatra told the full story that Prakash had sex with her mother and that her real father had died. Prakash was arrested and the Bolivian police arrested Tanya, a woman with forged passports, and took her to the police station. Tanya fights the police and forces Prakash to flee with Jetra. You arrive at a resort where Tanya Prakash helps relax. He tried to escape the police, used forged passports and brought Prakash and Yatra to Papua New Guinea. He encourages Prakash to travel, live his life, and explore nature in order to satisfy life. Their adventures take them across land, water, mountains and rivers to explore.
Meanwhile, Indian police confirmed Jtherma Prakash’s video confession, which proved her innocence. Her parents try to reach her, but Tanya, Itra, and Prakash travel to a remote village and spend time with the natives. Tanya is calling to travel to other places, so Prakash and Yatra leave knowing Prakash is now confident enough to get by on his own. Afterward, Prakash and Yatra travel to another remote island and continue their adventure. During a rafting trip on the river, your boat capsizes and Prakash is thrown out of the river and ends up in the waterfall. Jetra is stuck in shallow water and only goes ashore and wanders alone in the forest. Prakash gets stuck under a rock and passes out, but regains consciousness and manages to pull himself out of the water. He seeks and finds Jetra and realizes that he grew up and fell in love with Jetra as a child. They travel to India, where they take in the Prakash Jetra family. Prakash returns to work as a transformative and capable person. He fondly remembers his experiences with Yatarma and his adventures with Tanya, his words circling her consciousness, reminding her to take a vacation for herself regardless of the importance of her job and family.


Original title வாழ்
IMDb Rating 7 1,024 votes
TMDb Rating 5.6 5 votes



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