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The Tomorrow War (2021)

The Tomorrow War (2021)

The fight for tomorrow begins today.Jul. 02, 2021United States138 Min.PG-13
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The Tomorrow War is a 2021 American science fiction action film directed by Chris McKay. Photo by David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Dan Granger, David S. Guyer, Jules Daly, Adam Colberner and written by Zack Dean. Actors are Chris Pert, Yvonne Straowski, J.K. Quoted. Simmons, Betty Gilpin, Sam Richardson, Edwin Hodge, Jasmine Matthews, Ryan Keira Armstrong and Kate Powers. The film is a combination of current and civilian soldiers who will fight the alien army in the future.
The rights to the film were originally set by Paramount Pictures, which were acquired by Amazon due to the COVID-19 epidemic and published digitally via Prime Video on July 2, 2021. In China, however, the film kept its theatrical release. The film premiered in Chinese cinemas on September 3 and grossed $ 8.1 million on the opening weekend. With a budget of over $ 200 million, it is one of the most expensive films of all time. Tomorrow’s War received mixed reviews from critics for its concept, action sequences, and performances (especially Pratt and Richardson), but the criticism has been derived from the performance. Its order evolves.

Movie Plot

In December 2022, former biology and green house succeeded, then forster, not for work in the Army Research Laboratory. During the World Cup broadcast, soldiers in 2051 warn that humanity was mentioned in their suburbs due to the war with foreign invaders “WhitePikes”. In November 2048, Whitepikes suddenly appears in the north of Russia, an entry to enter the land that was shown by satellite or radar, and continues to kill most sexual sex in three years. In response, the world’s armies in the world are sent to a set of the future through Luhoma called “Jumplink”, but to survive less than 30% for seven days, and as a result of an international project. Then he receives his design message and says his wife Amy and his daughter, Murray. Amy shows that they must manage and talk by visiting her father, a mechanical engineer, and talk to remove the design tire in their arm. Then her mother returned there after returning from the war in Vietnam, because he felt that it was dangerous to stay with them. Angry, then says he does not want to help her father and leave immediately. Primary reports with other foreigners are reported by the following soldiers. Then Distance Charlie, with her colleague Charlie, a world where all pre-war investors began to prevent the prevention of the paradox, shout. Publishers are sent to the battlefield at the Miami Beach, but little access to access. Now lost with the city, the leader will order exercises to save the laboratory staff near the area before they destroy the area. They have discovered laboratory staff who have already died, but their research will improve. All except, Charlie and the Battle of Dorian Connect (in the third publication); Surrender witpikes and blowing. Then it wakes up in a military camp in the Dominican Republic. The report has been discovered by his commander, Col. Forrester, who was discovered by his industrial girl, Murray. Murray, after that, says that they have already produced a white man, but they do not kill women, who are gone and more dangerous than the species. Muri then wants to help them turn them into white women so that they can use them to form adequacy that they also form. They are a false cage and woman, just to get hundreds of men in their position. According to a helicopter with a woman’s elevator, Murray goes to the beach and the radio to save. Then Murray shows that after the work of the research center had not received, he was dissatisfied with his life and left his family. She later died in a car accident in 2030. Then, Murray and the white woman moved to the boosted oil platform near Port Nelson, where Jumplink is located. Murray creates toxin can kill white woman, but with the future, can not be able to produce collectively and promise to lead them with him. Home and more than such Murray sacrifices to send. Jumplink will soon be destroyed after his return, which explains the world as a sign that the future war has lost. While masturbation with her husband afterwards, they conclude that the eggs can not be achieved in 2048, but a lot. Then consult with Charlie and Martin, a high school student attention in the volcanoes, which helps them know that white was probably in the land from at least 946 Hazara, and melt the global warming, which has ice glaciers. Allowed to start it. After the US Secretary of Defense reaches the use of military instruments, Russia leads to Russia with Charlie, Dorian, James and some of the following two soldiers. The team finds a foreign ship that is buried under my fridge and discussed the world about the problem, but decided to end the threat. Once at home, the team infects five of whitepikes sleeping with poison; This has been successful, but from the rest of the colony, most teams have been killed. Dorian, a patient with cancer with cancer and the desire to die with their terminology, behind the barrel with C-4, which everyone is killed, except one white, a woman, who flies. Then and his father catches a woman and kills. They are and Charlie are only survivors. The well-known content is that the war has been avoided and human behavior has been rescued, and after that and his father is saved for his wife and daughter.

The Tomorrow War (2021)
The Tomorrow War (2021)
The Tomorrow War (2021)
The Tomorrow War (2021)
The Tomorrow War (2021)
The Tomorrow War (2021)
The Tomorrow War (2021)
Original title The Tomorrow War
IMDb Rating 6.6 159,727 votes
TMDb Rating 8.1 4,074 votes


Chris McKay


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