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The Ice Road (2021)

The Ice Road (2021)

This mission is on thin ice.Jun. 24, 2021United States108 Min.PG-13
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The Ice Road is a 2021 American action film written and directed by Jonathan Hensley. With Liam Neeson and Lawrence Fishburne, Benjamin Walker, Amber Midandander, Marcus Thomas, Holt McCullany, Martin Sinsmir, Matt McCoy and Matt Salinger. This is Hansley’s first film since Kill the Irishman in 2011. The film follows a team of truck drivers on a perilous mission on frozen lakes and wintry roads to help save workers trapped in a collapsed mine. The film was released digitally on June 25, 2021 by Netflix in the US and Amazon Prime Video in the UK. The film received mixed reviews from critics.

Movie Plot

26 miners were killed in an explosion in a mine in Manitoba. Mike McCann and his brother Gorti, an Iraqi war veteran with PTSD and speech impairment, work for a transportation company until Mike hits another truck driver about Gorti, who is “behind” and fired. Mike learns of busy truck drivers on icy roads in Winnipeg and they sign up. Another truck driver, Jim Goldenrood, agrees to lead a rescue mission to get the well to the mine. McCann and Gorty hire a young woman named Tanto. Vector Varney, who is responsible for assessing the insurance risks of mine owner Katka, also announced his readiness. $ 200,000 will be shared among the four truck drivers, which will be shared among the survivors for each death. Meanwhile, the miners contact Katka’s manager and Katka’s general manager informs Cycle that they plan to free her by blowing up a tunnel.
The team goes to the mine with three wells. During the flight, the Goldenrods engine was confiscated. When he tries to fix it, the ice breaks under his trailer and his foot gets stuck. Knowing that he couldn’t escape, he persuaded Tanto to cut the tape on the truck and rescue it while he rescued other excavators and wells. While trying to escape the shock wave, which is rapidly approaching and breaking the ice, the two remaining trucks spin on the fish’s tail, stopping the shock wave.
Farney convinces Mike to accuse Tanto of sabotaging the Goldenrods platform, but Tanto reveals that his brother Cody is one of the miners. When they questioned him further, he pulled out his weapon, but Gorti disarmed it and locked it. After the boys fix the truck, Farney secures Mike and Gorty to the back of the rig. It turns out that Varney is the one who destroyed the Goldenrods’ platform and stunned Tantoo. He dug up Mike’s truck of dynamite and drove in Tanto, but Mike and Gareth escape the trailer and throw the dynamite away before it explodes. Varney observes the explosion from afar and believes Mike and Gorty are dead.
As he pulls the trailer out of the ice, Gorty tries to warn Mike that the winch is breaking, but Mike turns the device on anyway. The faucet explodes, Gorty and the trailer fall into the water, but Mike saves Gorty. Varney meets Cycle and tells him Mike and Gorty are dead. Sickle instructs Varnay to get rid of Tantoo and the last remaining well, and it appears that Tantoo has lost control and is off the cliff. Varney prepares to kill Tanto, but is bitten by a skater rat and allows Tanto to pull him off the rig. Mike and Gorty enter and kill the Katka contractors who are hunting for Tanto. Tanto runs out of fuel after Varney cuts his fuel equivalent, but Mike smashes his machine with Varney’s truck, forcing him to come down the ramp. Varni survives and creates an avalanche of dynamite. Mike and Gorty escaped, but the snow hit Tanto and hit a branch. They stopped his trailer and headed for the well. Varney chases her on the tantoos platform and starts shaking her. Mike paints Warren and they both fall off the truck. After a fight, Mike tries to escape, but Varney goes on stage. Mike hits Farney, accelerates and jumps, causing him to fall to the ceiling, killing Farney. Meanwhile, Tantoo and Gurty cross a bridge that was not designed for the weight of a truck just before the bridge collapses. After crossing the street, the truck slides backwards and Garti is crushed while trying to keep the truck from falling. Mike comes and comforts the dying Gortow. Mike and Tanto arrive in time to save the miners. After learning the truth, Katka and Machete are arrested for what they did.
Three months later, Tanto works as a mechanic in the goldenrod workshop. Mike visits him with his new Golden Van as an independent contractor for the delivery of sports equipment. While driving, you can see him leaning against a skater with his license plate “TRK TRK TRK” in honor of the name that Gortis chose for the truck.

The Ice Road (2021)
The Ice Road (2021)
The Ice Road (2021)
The Ice Road (2021)
The Ice Road (2021)
The Ice Road (2021)
The Ice Road (2021)
Original title The Ice Road
IMDb Rating 5.6 24,000 votes
TMDb Rating 7.2 633 votes



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