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Kuruthi (2021)

Kuruthi (2021)

Aug. 11, 2021India122 Min.N/A
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Kuruthi is a 2021 MalayalamAction Trailer directed by Manu Warrier, written by Anish Palial and produced by Supriya Menon through Prithviraj. In it Prithviraj Sukumaran and Roshan Mathew play the main roles and Mamokoya, Serenda, Murali Gobe and Shin Tom Chaku play the supporting roles. Jakes Bejoy composed the original songs and background music. The film is about how enduring human relationships across borders try to survive trials of hatred and bigotry.
The original photography lasted about a month from December 2020 to January 2021. The Corvette was scheduled to hit theaters on May 13, 2021 but has been postponed due to the COVID-19 epidemic. The film was released on Amazon Prime Video on August 11, 2021.

Movie Plot

Ibrahim (Roshan Mathieu), a rubber valve worker, lives in a remote mountain range and tries to remember the painful landslide caused by the monsoon rains that left him with his daughter and wife. He lives with his father Moses and his younger brother Rasul. Ibrahim is unaware of his brother Rasulus’s involvement in terrorism, led by Karim, who appears to have been a friend. They are also often visited by a woman named Sumati. Sumati has a Priman brother who makes a living climbing trees. One night, a wounded policewoman (Merali Gobi) and a prisoner break into Ibrahim’s house and seek refuge all night. He introduces himself as Satyan, the assistant inspector. He was accompanied by Vishnu, the murderer who stabbed a Muslim shopkeeper to death after he refused to close at the behest of the decision makers. The apostle seems angry at his presence. Meanwhile, Satyan tells others about the situation in the house and closes all the windows. He also confiscates a cell phone for each person and a gun at home, and finds an old Musa Khader pistol that he once used as the personal driver for Misuro Maharaj.
Soma comes with food and also asks him to stay with Ibrahim all night. During dinner, Vishnu and Rasul discuss the ethics of the murder and force Satyan to stop them. After dinner they sleep for a while before Karim arrives. He talks to Ibrahim while Satyan, Vishnu and Soma hide in the rooms. Ibrahim finds a bike key at Karim’s and asks who it is. Karim calls him worthy when he walks in and greets everyone. Layeq tells them to come from Bangalore and to stay there. Hungry, he asks for food and finds that Soma is lying in order to stay at his house because of a pipeline problem. He sees the story and asks the boy openly. The patient, tired of hiding and armed with a weapon, is confronted with a lick. Dean Likes comes to life and Ibrahim is confused and scared. Worthy takes a knife from his bunch of keys while Satyan prepares a pistol, both on the opposite side of the table. Leigh turns the table and hits Satian on the neck while pushing Ibrahim Omar down. Like enters the room where Vishnu and Soma are hiding. With a Moussas pistol, Soma grabs Lig under the gun and accidentally tries to fire it, revealing his broken nature. Ibrahim quickly took Satian’s weapon and drove Layeq, Karim and Omar out of the house. In his last moment, Satyan convinces Ibrahim to promise in the Koran that he will protect Vishnu from Kinachal until the police arrive the next morning.
Ibrahim removes Vishnu’s chains while Like attacks the chained window with an ax. Ibrahim fires at the window and amazes the like-minded people. The life of the house is cut off, Soma lights a match and everyone looks at Vishnu and Rasool, the latter with a screwdriver. Soma states that the reason for murdering Vishnu, in which Vishnu grew up, has disappeared and forced him to take revenge. When Ibrahim asked Soma how he knew this, he revealed that he was feeding him regularly because there was nowhere to go. Omar climbs from the roof of the house and tries to fight him, but Ibrahim is hit by an explosive on the other side of the roof. He jumps to lick the roof and fights with Ibrahim, and Ibrahim eventually licks the roof, but not before Leah pulls his hand and seriously injures him. Bremen returns and is immediately suspicious of Karim and Lake. He is distracted and climbs the tree before destroying the beehive. Meanwhile, Omar wakes up very awkwardly and goes to get a jeep. Briman enters Ibrahim’s house and is confused. Ibrahim discovered blood on Bremen’s feet and was shocked when he was bitten by a snake. In search of a vehicle to bring Bremen to the hospital, Vishnu offers the key to a secular bicycle that he lost in an earlier collision. As he prepares to leave, Karim shows up and starts beating Beerman. He was then shot by Soma, who left the house with Periman and Vishnu under Vishnu’s orders. How she hunts in vain.
Leigh enters the house and starts attacking Ibrahim before Karim tells him that Soma shot him. Layeq agrees that Moses offers to take them into the forest via a shortcut to go ahead of the three and intercept them. Omar arrives in a jeep and everyone leaves. These three people (Vishnu, Soma and Perman) and Likes climb into the forest because they both encounter many obstacles. Moses comes and comes out of the messenger to look for the Trinity.
As in Search, Like Rasul tells his story of how his father was a simple and loyal man who sent Leigh abroad when their organization was banned. Outside, Liq is marginalized and discriminated against, but remains silent. When he returns home, he sees his father and knows besides himself that he is not acting any faster.

Kuruthi (2021)
Original title കുരുതി
IMDb Rating 7.8 4,254 votes
TMDb Rating 8.4 9 votes

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