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Joji (2021)

Joji (2021)

Apr. 07, 2021India113 Min.N/A
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Joji is a 2021 Indian Malayalam crime thriller directed by Dalish Putan and written by Siam Pushkaran. The story is based on a play by William Shakespeare. Critics have also pointed out significant similarities to Irkal’s 1985 Malayalam. The film was produced by Behvana Studios with the working-class hero Fahad Vasil and friends. Fahad Fasil plays the main role while Babraj, Shami Tilakan and Onimaya Prasad play other central roles. The story is about a wealthy family with three sons and a father who live in the village of Kerala.
The original photo was taken from November 2020 to January 2021 and widely shot in Kotayam. Joji, published April 7, 2021 by OTT Amazon Prime Video, received critical acclaim, praising the story, direction, and performance of the actors.

Movie Plot

Goji, a tech survivor, lives a life of fear with older brothers Jumon and Jason under the control of their controlling father, Kotaben. The family also includes Jason Bincey’s wife and teenage son Joomon Poppy. They live in a large house in the middle of a large farm in the Covid highlands that destroyed Kerala. While Joji seems soft between her father and siblings, she appears to have a relationship between Binsy and Pope.
Despite being 74 years old, Kotapan is fit and largely responsible for family affairs. The divorced Jomon helps him farm his large estate while Jason runs her business in town. Joji runs failed projects where the remains of a horse are tied to her property. He is financially dependent on Kotapan, who abuses Joji. Bonnie does the housework and always seems to be busy in the kitchen. A pond in the family yard is being dug by workers including Jerish and Soodi. Kotapan managed to pull out a heavy hatch that was stuck in the mud and no one could handle it. But he had a stroke and was hospitalized. A close relative talks about the doctor. Felix and his other doctors conclude that Kotabine is paralyzed and there is little hope of his recovery. Everything looks nicer for Joji too when she sells her horse after showing it to the buyers in the family farm.
However, Kotpan returns with a bed and cannot speak. Jomon appears upset with his father’s condition while others on various levels hope for a quick death. Goji even meets his father in bed and mocks the paralyzed hand with which he was abused. When Kotapan showed more physical ailments, Jomon decided to consent to a high-risk operation that luckily resulted in. This brings the salvaged cotopan home, albeit in a wheelchair, and brings everyone in the house back to their original shape.
At Bincey’s request, Jason asks his father for money to buy a new home in town. But Kotpan rejects him and mocks the prison. Kotapan was also able to sign the check with a pen, indicating that his condition has improved. Pence is furious and shares his frustration with Joji. Goji decides to take action against his father and tells him to resign. However, the old man managed to strangle Joji with his capable left hand and also made fun of him. Goji decides to kill his father and secretly starts replacing Kutapan’s daily medication with similar pills. This sees Pence, who is not telling the truth because he and Jason secretly want the Cootans to die. The jujis plan works and Kotapan is soon to die.
Joomon, who was now an alcoholic, lit fireworks at the funeral, claiming that his father didn’t want the funeral to be boring. This leads to the family quarreling with the Church pastor, Kevin’s father. Shortly after the funeral, the family, led by Dr. Felix, the property of the deceased. Jomon protests the division, saying that she disregards her father’s soul. Jomon and Jason fight. Joji seizes the opportunity and offers a solution that his two brothers have agreed to surprise everyone.
Meanwhile, rumors of the death of the Kotapans were circulating. Upon seeing the nights of his father’s nightmare, Yuji tries to destroy the evidence by burning all the tapes of drugs that were used in this heinous act. However, this will result in a fire in the pond. Joomon saw the fire sign the next morning. Joji manages to escape, but lies to Jomon that he doesn’t even visit the pond. Jomon is upset by rumors that the Kotapans death is suspect and that one of the relatives behind him is dependent. Jomon tries to confront Tota Soodi, who recklessly went home in the event of indifferent goggles, while Binsy screams over Kotapan’s death. Joji joins Jomon and seeks profits in the programs. They found that profitability only works in the accumulation process and creates thyme (a primary explosive used in breaking rocks). When confronted, he escapes after a heated argument with the brothers, but not before spilling some beans, which makes Jomon suspicious of Joji. When he notices that Joji is hiding something, Jomon attacks him, Joji hands him over with an air pistol from Bobby, throws Sudis explosives at him and kills him immediately. Joji makes a statement to the police that Soodi appears to be responsible for the death of Gomonz.
Over the next few days, Jason discovers strange changes in Joji’s behavior, including his apparent religiosity, and Binsy asks about the possibility that the Jojis were involved in the killing of Jomons. During the autopsy, police found bullets in Gomon’s body, and Bobby discovered that Goji was the only other person who knew about the gun and had been bought by Kotaban with stolen money. The family confronts Joji, who continues to deny the allegations. Joji realizes that he is not running away and tries to buy Jason out, who interferes as a partner if he is not behind Joji.

Joji (2021)
Joji (2021)
Joji (2021)
Original title ജോജി
IMDb Rating 7.9 7,880 votes
TMDb Rating 7.6 24 votes



Baburaj isJomon
P N Sunny isKuttappan P K (Panachel Kuttappan)
Kuttappan P K (Panachel Kuttappan)
Basil Joseph isFr. Kevin
Fr. Kevin

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